Navigraph Charts

Navigraph Charts Navigraph provides professional aeronautical airport/terminal charts and enroute charts for direct access. The charts are provided in two different products: Charts Cloud, a web app that streams charts to virtually any web-connected device, and Charts Desktop, a Windows client software. In addition, both products provide video tutorials for chart training purposes.

Airport Chart Airport/Terminal Charts
We are proud to offer the flight simulation community professional airport charts provided by Navtech. The chart format is based on research by human factors specialists and subject matter experts. The aim is to describe approach and departure procedures from airports with a clear presentation of altitudes, obstacles and landing minima during Instrument Flight Rules. Each chart also features a communication box which displays all the relevant frequencies for the current stage of flight.

Enroute Chart Enroute Charts
The worldwide coverage of enroute charts is delivered by Navtech. The charts show the upper and lower airways, waypoints, and altitudes over a larger area.