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    New Charts apps!

    After over a year in the making, the completely redesigned
    Charts apps have many new features, such as overlaying
    your SID, STAR and approach chart on the enroute chart!

    Subscribe now for full access to the new apps!

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    SID and STAR overviews!

    With the new SID and STAR overview feature in the new apps,
    it is easy to find the suitable procedure for your flight. From the overview
    it is also possible to overlay the corresponding Jeppesen charts.

    Other new features include route calculation and SimBrief flight plan import!

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    Worldwide Jeppesen IFR charts!

    Supplied by Jeppesen, these charts are used professionally by major
    airlines around the world. Available to the flightsim community in
    our suite of Charts apps for desktop, iPad, Android and web!

    Check out the features like moving maps, night mode, and more!

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    Dynamic and interactive enroute charts

    The enroute charts are fully interactive - tap any waypoint, airway, or
    airspace for details. You can also highlight your flight's route. Of course,
    the enroute charts support moving maps and night mode!

    Read more and try our apps!

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    Charts Cloud web app!

    Get instant access to updated charts in
    any browser, also on phones and tablets!

    Read more, get the Charts Subscription,
    and then login to Charts Cloud!

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The Navigraph FMS Data is the world's preferred and most comprehensive dataset of its kind. Every 28 days some 50 addon data formats are published, based on the most recent data. With a decade and a half of experience, along with a dedicated support staff, we pride ourselves in being your preferred supplier of flightsim data.


Navigraph Charts is the easy way for flight simulator enthusiasts to search, view and organize professional airport and enroute charts! Our apps provide access to worldwide and current Jeppesen charts, and boast many features such as moving maps, night mode and route visualization.