Simmers Without Borders 2020-03-25
Donate computing power to speed up the search for a coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine No one can do everything, but everyone can do something! We have started a pro bono initiative inviting all members [more...]

Cycle 2003 Available 2020-02-27
Cycle 2003 has been released! Please update your tools and addon aircraft FMS databases via the FMS Data Manager. The current Jeppesen charts are already available through the Navigraph Charts [more...]

Developer Job Opening 2020-02-27
Want to Join the Team? We have always been lucky recruiting from our own community! Now we are doing it again! Do we have any Full Stack Developers in or around Stockholm or Bollnäs, Sweden, that [more...]

Scheduled Maintenance 2020-02-27
We will perform maintenance on some of our systems to improve reliability and performance on Tuesday the 3rd of March. Between 07:00-09:00 UTC systems may become completely or intermittently [more...]

FlightSim Survey 2019 Results 2020-02-04
What is the most popular flight simulation software? How many are planning to get the upcoming Microsoft Flight Simulator? How much do flight simulator enthusiasts spend on hardware and software [more...]

Cycle 2002 + RNAV Visual Approaches 2020-01-30
With AIRAC cycle 2002 released today, RNAV Visual Approaches are included. These approaches are exciting because they contain a little bit of everything as the flight path requires an FMS, the use [more...]