Want to know how to perform an NDB approach into Cologne with a Boeing 737 using Navigraph Charts? Or would you like to see how an Airbus 380 is flown in reality? Come check out our new videos on Navigraph Play.

Navigraph Play Professional Productions
Navigraph Play is a streaming video service for training videos and documentaries with a special focus on aviation and flight simulation. Navigraph Play offers professional productions ranging from education to entertainment, but also has videos made by flight simulation specialists and enthusiasts on very specific topics.

Videos are rented by the week and can be viewed as many times as you like during the period. Prices are set individually by the producers and can change from time to time. Videos currently play in web browsers on Windows, Mac and Android. iOS devices will supported in the near future.

Navigraph Play Expert User Submissions
To cover all aspects of flight simulation, drawing from the unique expertise in the community, Navigraph lets its users submit material to the Play platform. Navigraph Play has a simple interface for uploading video material, setting prices and viewing sales reports. If you want to publish your material, help others develop their simulator skills while also earning a buck on your expert knowledge, follow these steps.

Each submitted video is reviewed by Navigraph before being published to ensure quality and relevance. For more info on the technical implementation and Digital Rights Management please see this dev blog post.

Navigraph Play Honoring Existing Subscriptions
A note on how we handle the transition of subscribers using Charts 5 into Play via the beta testing period: Navigraph Charts or Ultimate subscriptions started or renewed before or during the beta test period of Navigraph Play will include access to all existing videos published before or during the beta test period for the duration (or until the next auto-renewal) of the subscription period. These videos will be marked "In Your Library" as if they were purchased. Subscriptions started or renewed after the release of Navigraph Play will not have access to the videos unless access is purchased separately by renting individual videos.