news AIRAC Cycle 1911 Available! 2019-10-11

On September 25th Beijing Daxing International Airport (ZBAD) opened for traffic. The terminal building, nicknamed the Starfish, is the largest airport terminal with a seamless steel structure in the world. You will find both charts and navdata for ZBAD in today's release of cycle 1911.

In every cycle there are many changes to airports, procedures and waypoints. Only in 1911 we see 1,600 changes to airport communications, 580 changes to enroute waypoints, and more than 17,700 data point changes to procedures. We are working on ways to highlight some of the more interesting changes - ZBAD being only one of them in this cycle.

How to Update?

Download Navigraph Charts on the Navigraph Charts product page. It supports Windows, Mac, iPad and Android. You can also access Navigraph Charts through any web browser using Navigraph Charts Cloud.

Use Navigraph FMS Data Manager to update your aircraft navdatabase and the navdata in your addon software.