Do you want Navigraph Charts for Android?

During four weeks in September and October we ran a poll. 990 pilots expressed their support for an Android version of Navigraph Charts. Therefore we are building one! We aim to have it ready by early 2016. Feel free to share the good news. The easiest way to receive a newsletter notification of when it's ready is to sign up for a Navigraph account. All for now...

ORIGINAL POLL TEXT -- Hi there! Would you like to see Navigraph Charts available also for the Android platform? Fill out the form to show that you support this idea. We are running this poll until October 15. At that point we will decide if there is sufficient support to start working on an Android version of Charts. Feel free to share this page in forums and social media to gather more users. The bigger the support, the more resources we will allocate to this project!

Background: On June 11 we released Navigraph Charts for iPad. It’s an app that lets you download airport and enroute charts directly to your iPad for easy use together with your flight simulator. Aside from a few minor bug fixes, we think that the app was very well received by the flight simulation community. However, within minutes after launch, people were already wondering if we would build an Android version. Statistics say that Android has the bigger market of tablets and smartphones currently sold, but is this really true also for Navigraph users? There is only one way to find out - by asking you! Please fill out the form to show your support for this idea To gather more support for this idea you can share this page to your Facebook and Twitter feeds, or in forums by pasting this link:

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You can also get involved and discuss a future Android version in the Navigraph Forum