Debit Card and/or Paypal Payment

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Debit Card and/or Paypal Payment

Postby catmar1944 » Wed Aug 05, 2015 8:59 pm

Hi I have just tried to buy a monthly subscription using Paypal, could not access my account where it said I already have a card attached (which I have, use it all the time) it said to enter another card, I do not have any other card (thank goodness) my card is a Visa Debit card. I tried twice and each time was a no go. So not I thought I do it the hard way and try to pay by my debit card, so tried twice each time rejected, the first time was my fault as I entered the year like YYYY instead of YY, anyway thought I would try again with the correction, well it failed yet again. I want the service but seems I just cannot get it paid for, any ideas?

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Re: Debit Card and/or Paypal Payment

Postby stephen » Thu Aug 06, 2015 4:01 pm

Hi (what is your name, please?),

Sorry for the problems - it normally shouldn't be this difficult.

Regarding the PayPal issue - I'd suggest you contact PayPal directly and ask why you are getting the message to add another card.

Regarding the credit card issue - Are you getting tick/check icons the right of the fields when you are entering the data? You should get immediate feedback if the entered data is incorrectly formatted. I'd suggest you try again now, perhaps with a different browser. If the problem remains and you have funds on the account, I'd suggest you contact your card provider.


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Re: Debit Card and/or Paypal Payment

Postby catmar1944 » Fri Aug 07, 2015 6:39 pm

Hello Stephen my name is Clive and I have noted your reply. I will probably have to do as you suggested as I have no idea
why that happened as I use the same card all the time for reoccurring payments such as my usenet account, never had
a problem.

If I access my paypal page as I normally do there is no hint of anything wrong so it only appears to be the redirect from
your card processor. But i will take it up with them.

Thanks for the useful reply.

Clive Dodd
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